Services details

Alfa Disability Services’, services include / will include:

➢ Accommodation / Tenancy assistance – the provision of transition supports for people seeking a place to live, which suitably caters to their type and level of needs;
➢ Assistance with household tasks – such as meal preparation and delivery, house or yard maintenance, cleaning and laundry;
➢ Assistance with daily personal activities to enable people to live as autonomously as possible – such as personal hygiene, dressing, medication assistance; financial management, communication skills and lifestyle mentoring;
➢ Assistance with daily personal activities (High-Intensity), to enable people with more complex needs to live as autonomously as possible – supports are provided by personnel with additional experience/qualification.
➢ Assistance with daily tasks in group or shared living arrangements to help individuals to live as autonomously as possible;
➢ Assistance with travel and transport – provision of travel arrangements and support for people to access essential services;
➢ Development of Daily Living and Life Skills – including developmental-focused activities and training to enhance the person’s capacity to live as independent an everyday life as possible;
➢ Innovative Community Participation – includes activities outside the scope of ‘Participation in the Community’;
➢ Participation in the community – including supported shopping, medical appointments, sporting and recreational events, social activities, visiting or making new friends, travel and transport and building confidence and social skills;
➢ Support Coordination – time limited support that focuses on addressing barriers and reducing complexity in the support environment, while assisting the person to connect with supports and build capacity and resilience; and
Alfa Disability Services complies with all NDIS Provider State and Commonwealth Government requirements for the delivery of quality and safe disability support services.